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"Life As We Know It" by Liesel

I’m very much enjoying my new home office space & my furry assistant. (I’m truly appreciating therapy animals!) My 9 year old son asked where this desk came from. He must not have missed it the last couple of days in his room? Note to self as his new teacher: work on his attention to detail...

My commute to workout (I use working out as part of my networking for real estate) is 6 steps from my desk:

I miss people terribly. Humans make me happy. We have a nanny that has been with us for a few years now. She keeps the kids rolling through the day so my husband and I can keep working.

They also come to visit me at my window:

Things are a little different. So strange not shaking hands but the pause is in there. Finding fun ways to show homes by videos & virtual tours! I’ve enjoyed having my kiddos help me with those! I’m working with sellers in preparing their homes for the marketplace, buyers getting pre-approved & searching for homes, and facilitating my pending contracts to the closing table. My year-to-date numbers are still very comparable to last year’s. Loving the time off of sports & this beautiful weather! Feeling grateful!” by Liesel Kirk-Fink

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