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We're here for you. by Steve Kirk

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

While our top priority is protecting the safety of our community, it’s important to recognize that we are still available to serve our customers at this point.

We’re not encouraging customers to put themselves in danger in any way, but we understand that for some people, buying or selling a home right now is a necessity for one reason or another. While it’s definitely not “business as usual,” the great news is the real estate industry has always been a partially mobile / remote business; therefore, we already have the tools in place to conduct much of our business online, and we’re discovering and using new ways of conducting the parts of this business that are typically done in person if necessary.

We have implemented numerous strategies to safeguard the health of our customers, realtors, and staff. You can read more about those strategies here. So, please, if you are a current customer, a buyer or seller involved in one of our transactions, or someone in our community who is in need of our services, know that we are taking this situation very seriously to protect your health and your real estate assets.

Home is central to the American way of life. We recognize this now more than ever.

Be well, Steve Kirk President, Kirk & Cobb Inc., Realtors

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