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Working From Home by Helen

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

In the last 2 weeks, I handled 8 offers, sold 4 houses, and listed 2 houses almost all without leaving my desk.  Uber-competent-assistant Sheree went to the new listings to measure, take photos, etc., but I may have forgotten how to do my “public face” makeup.

My regular haircut appointment was eliminated.  If, as they say, the difference in a good haircut and a bad haircut is 3 days, between forgetting my makeup routine and the hair thing, the weeks going by are going to make me pretty funny-looking.  It’s good to be able to work so much from home.

Negotiations.  Contracts.  Inspections.  Preparing for closings.  Working long days at my computer, my Grammarly software says that I wrote 81,000 words last week and 89,000 the week before.  My brother says that the combined total amounts to 30% of Shakespeare’s currently published works.  🙂  He is probably full of beans, but it is some 340 pages single-spaced. 

For fun, there is Facebook.  And, I have been calling single friends who might be lonely.  That has been a delight!  Lots of people are finding interesting ways to spend their days. Using our area listserve to share the list of treasures to find, our neighbors organized a scavenger hunt for kids.  Others organized a bear hunt (stuffed bears in windows.)  My favorite today is watching two women who walk together daily now using their phones and earbuds to talk as they go at a safe distance apart.

have had a volunteer committee meeting on Google Hangout and another on Zoom.  We even have a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting coming up using Zoom.

A doc married to a pulmonologist reached out to me for help finding folks willing to use/lend 3D printers to make face shields for health care workers.  So far, the library, USD #501, and our local maker space have stepped up to help.  I think that’s very exciting, all prompted by a Facebook message with this note from Toronto: Turns out, there is nothing boring about being at home! Who knew?  🙂 #FeelingLuckyThatILikeMyHusband

Written by Helen Crow

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